Funn Soljam Goggles | Everything You Need to Know.

Funn have launched their bid for the best MTB goggles and reprised the SolJam name with their new Soljam goggles, used by Team Wideopenmag.

Check out Team Wideopenmag’s Christo Gallagher putting the new Funn SolJam goggle through its paces during the British winter.

Key features:

  • Anti-fog lens
  • Multi-layer foam
  • Silicone-backed strap
  • Tear-off compatible
  • Comes with two lenses
  • Tear-off pack included
  • £69.99 RRP

Funn Mountain Bike Components have launched their first foray into the goggle market with the Soljam goggle, used by Team Wideopenmag’s pinners.

The Soljam goggle is the result of Funn having access to world-leading optics manufacturers and features an award-winning anti-fog lens and plenty of cutting-edge features designed to keep your vision crystal clear. Multi-layer foam, a silicone-backed strap and tear-off compatibility complete the spec list.

Merida Big.Trailtea

One frame colour is available with three different strap designs.

And yes, you’ve heard of that name before. The goggles take their name from Funn’s legendary Soljam Viper pedal, a product synonymous with Funn.

Every Soljam goggle comes with a cloth bag for storage and cleaning, one transparent and one tinted lens and five tear-off sheets. Spares are easily available through Funn and Funn’s dealer network.

Check out the new Funn SolJam Viper goggle on Funn’s website here.