SRAM Launch Their New AXS Rocker Paddle Shifter.

If you run any of SRAM’s AXS groupsets then you’ll have no doubt had to get your head around the shifter paddle. Enter the Rocker.

SRAM’s new AXS Rocker paddle aims to mimic the traditional shifter feel with some customisations options via the SRAM AXS app that allows you to choose which buttons do which.

If you already run AXS MTB groupsets, then fear not, the Rocker paddle is retrofittable and only costs £20 for the paddle, pin and spring. Anyone looking for the full unit will wince no doubt at the £200 price tag, although it’s hardly more eye-watering than its XTR equivalent.

Merida Big.Trailtea

Find out more about the SRAM AXS shifters on their website here.

Photo by Harookz.