Tested : Pete’s Granite Design Talon Review.

Masters of making one tool into many, Granite Design’s Talon tyre lever/chain tool might just be the one thing you’d always keep in your riding pack.

While there’s not a massive amount to get excited about when it comes to tyre levers, you can certainly do them wrong. Granite Design’s Talon offers steel-tipped levers that join together to become split link pliers, with indents to carry spare links.

Key features:

  • 130mm x 19mm x 8mm
  • Works with all 9 to 12-speed quick links and chains
  • Quick-link storage
  • Glass fibre reinforced nylon lever with stainless tips
  • 40g
  •  £10.95 RRP
  • Granite-Design.com

Simple, yet effective. That’s pretty much the Granite Design Talon in a nutshell. Anyone who has spent time riding bikes has fallen foul of bad tyre levers. The fibre-reinforced Talon means you can swing off them when your hands are losing feeling or if you’re trying to get a DH tyre onto a carbon rim.

Clip them together and they become an effective way of opening your chain split link without having to skin your knuckles to do so. These sit nearly into the recesses in the upper lever and are held in place by two elastic bands. Lose the bands though, and you may well lose the links, but a strip of Gorilla tape is a suitable alternative.

Leatt DBX 4.0 helmet

One thing I found with the Talon is that they’re pretty good at forcing brake pads and pistons home. The length lets you get plenty of leverage and you don’t get any flex in the lever either.

What do we think?

Granite Designs have put their thinking caps on when it comes to the Talon, without just merging two tools into one for the sake of it. The Talon goes everywhere with me as you’re never going to notice 40g in your pack, and you’d be more than happy to have them when you needed them.

We love:

  • Strong tyre irons
  • Means you can carry fewer tools

Could do better:

  • Link retention could be better

Check out the Granite Design Talon and the rest of their stashable tool range on Granite’s website here.

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