The KidsRideShotgun Tow Rope Is For Kids and Big Kids Alike

Remember the KidsRideShotgun kids mountain bike seat that Sam and Freddy reviewed earlier this year? Or perhaps that interview we did with KidsRideShotgun founder Dan Necklan?

It looks like the KRS team have come up with another innovative product to help kids and grown-ups shred together.

The latest addition to the range is the KidsRideShotgun MTB Tow Rope.

The Tow Rope is designed to help kids get up the hills they might otherwise struggle with, pulled along by their bigger-kid riding companions. The KRS team understood that kids can graduate to proper pedal bikes but still can’t necessarily make it up the hills like their elders… so, rather than force them to stay home they’ve found a helping hand.

“The shotgun tow rope attaches to the parents saddle – and is connected to the kids stem via a shock-absorbing rope, which stretches to 10 feet (3.1 metres) when you’re towing a kid uphill” says Shotgun.

You can either buy the pack on its own or with an animal-print hip-pack that’s designed to be worn by the kid in question, providing a place to stash the rope when it’s not in use.

The rope, the pack or a combo of the two are available.

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Equally good news for some will be the fact that the KidsRideShotgun MTB Tow Rope is rated to 500lb / 225 kg.

Yep, that means it’s suitable for big kids to tow other big kids… meaning your eBike friends just got a new job on your rides!

The MTB Tow Rope is £55, the hip-pack is £30 and the combo-pack of the two is £75.

You can learn more about KidsRideShotgun at