Granite Design Launch Their Aux Cage to Solve Your Water Bottle Issues.

In their latest release, Granite Design’s Aux Cage aim to solve your issues getting a water bottle attached to a bike that doesn’t want to play ball.

If you’ve a bike that doesn’t have any bottle cages, or one that has mounts that were clearly an afterthought, the Granite Design have got the kit for you. The Aux Cage is designed to get a water bottle fitted to your bike come hell or high water.

Key features:

  • Side load design works with tight-fit suspension bikes
  • Weight: 23g (cage only)
  • Carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics composite
  • Bolt-on and strap-on options are supported
  • Stealth matte finish
  • Includes AUX bottle cage and Strap Kit
  • Includes 2 sets of straps to fit tube diameter from 27.2 to 70mm outer diameter.
  • Silicone rubber pad cushioned between the cage and the frame for grip and protection
  • Silicone coated hook-and-loop straps provide tight grip for the cage
  • £26.95 RRP (cage and mount kit)
  • GraniteDesign

Water bottle mounts have seen a resurgence in importance since on-bike storage became the done thing, with some manufacturers slow on the uptake, either putting the mounts in odd places, or not at all. Some suspension designs just won’t allow it either, especially on smaller frames.

Granite Design are back with their latest smart bit of kit to solve that problem, or get more bottles on your bike if you’re already maxxed out, with the new Aux Cage. The Aux Cage attaches to tubes between 27.2 and 70mm via some silicone-backed straps, featuring a side-loading cage.

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While it might be hard to get excited about a bottle cage, Granite Design have yet again come up with a handy, no nonsense addition to their range that solves a problem many are sure to face.

Granite Design’s Aux Cage is available in the UK via Windwave.