Michelin’s New Force and Wild AM2 Tyres | Everything You Need to Know.

Michelin have released new Force and Wild AM2 tyres with elements taken from their existing downhill and enduro offerings.

The new Michelin Force AM2 offers fast rolling where grip isn’t everything but the DH22-inspired shoulders still hook up, while the Wild AM2 aims to shed mud and provide plenty of traction in softer conditions with DH34 style centre blocks with a DH22 style shoulder.

The dual-compound GUM-X Technology has a harder centre with softer shoulders for cornering grip. The Gravity Shield Technology casing runs bead-to-bead for increased resistance to impact damage, sidewall cuts and punctures, coupled with a 3×60 TPI casing.


These two offerings are designed to sit below the Michelin Enduro range as better suited for all-mountain and trail riding, despite the weights being somewhat similar to the Wild Enduro range. This is likely due to the lower TPI count in the casing.

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Michelin Force AM2

The Michelin Force AM2 offers either faster rolling rear tyre option combined with a Wild up front or a pair of faster tyres outright, or as a pair of faster rolling tyres for hard pack trails or trail centres. Longer, shallower knobs are designed to increase rolling speed on harder surfaces. The shoulder knobs are derived from the DH22 tread to ensure good cornering grip.

  • MICHELIN Force AM2 27.5×2.40 (61-584) 980g £47.99
  • MICHELIN Force AM2 27.5×2.60 (66-584) 1,070g £49.99
  • MICHELIN Force AM2 29×2.40 (61-622) 1,040g £49.99
  • MICHELIN Force AM2 29×2.60 (66-622) 1,130g £54.99

Michelin Wild AM2

The more aggressive of the two new Michelin offerings, the Wild AM2 is best used as a grippier tyre out front, or if things get really spicy, as a pair. The centre tread is inspired by the DH34 tread, while the shoulders are, like the Force, derived from the DH22 tyre, for serious bite in everything but the thickest mud.

  • MICHELIN Wild AM2 27.5×2.40 (61-584) 980g £52.99
  • MICHELIN Wild AM2 27.5×2.60 (66-584) 1,070g £54.99
  • MICHELIN Wild AM2 29×2.40 (61-622) 1,040g £49.99
  • MICHELIN Wild AM2 29×2.60 (66-622) 1,130g £54.99

Find out more about the Michelin Force and Wild AM2 tyres on their website here.

Michelin are distributed in the UK by Silverfish.