Tested : Ben’s 100% Brisker Winter Glove Review.

The Brisker from 100% promises the holy grail for winter riding gloves. Warmth, without the loss of any dexterity or feel at the bars.

Already a firm Wideopenmag favourite, Ben has been riding in all conditions to see if the 100% Brisker winter gloves live up the the hype.

Photos by Dave Price.

Key features:

  • Neoprene cuff with hook and loop closure
  • Insulated soft-shell top
  • Single layer Clarino palm
  • Silicon printed palm graphics
  • 100PerCent.com
  • £26.99 RRP

Buy online at Merlin Cycles for £23.99.

Put simply, these are the best winter gloves I have ever used, and over the years I have tried plenty. The first thing you notice is that when you grip the bars, it feels familiar, just like a normal, light weight riding glove that you might wear on a balmy spring evening.

The thing is though, that it is not spring. You had to defrost the van windows before you left and it is actually closer to freezing, or even a bit below, and yet your hands are still decently warm once you get going and get some temperature into your body. The insulated soft-shell back does a great job of keeping the wind out and your body heat in and it can shake off plenty of trail spray and the odd light shower without turning into a soggy mess.

The 100% Briskers have seen plenty of use this winter, including on the commuter and gravel bikes where they also do a good job of fending off the elements without being a great big ski-mit like a lot of road style winter gloves. Despite the mileage, a few jet washes, and half a dozen times through the washing machine, they are still as good as new, showing no sign of wear or damage, and I feel confident they will last 2-3 winters of hard riding.

What do we think?

Don’t buy anything else, the Brisker is as good as it gets. Prove me wrong…

We Love:

  • Feel at the bars
  • Warmth and comfort
  • Wide range of colours, from low key black to high-vis yellow

Could Do Better:

  • Not fully waterproof

Check out the 100% Brisker Winter Glove on their website here.

Buy online at Merlin Cycles for £23.99.