Tested : Joe’s Unite Components Compact V2 Chain Guide Review.

Unite Components return to where they started, with the second generation of their Compact Chain Guide.

Chain guides might not be the sexiest products out there and have had to fight the narrow/wide chain rings hard. Joe has been finding out if Unite Components’ second generation Compact Chain Guide makes a strong case for the chain guide.

Key features:

  • UK Made
  • Back plate CNC machined from 6082 Aluminium
  • 3D printed slider
  • Compatible with oval chain rings
  • No need to remove cranks for installation
  • Includes black stainless steel hardware
  • Compatible with 28T to 36T chain rings
  • Available in 7 different colours
  • From 38g
  • Chain Guide £40, Bash Guard £25 RRP
  • Unite.Bikeco

Unite’s first product back when they came on the scene was their chain guide. It’s a nice and simple top guide that fastens on to the top two ISCG frame tabs, with the bash guard fixing to the lower two tabs, overlapping the chain guide on the middle tab. Very simple to install and set up, with spare washers to help align the guide with the chain.

The fact that each the guide and bash guard only use two of the ISCG tabs means they can be installed without the need to remove the cranks, which makes installation a cinch. With thick/thin chain rings, it is rare to drop a chain these days, but I always prefer to run a chain guide for that extra security, especially when racing as a dropped chain can be game over.

TLD A3 Helmet

The only issue I had was a seized bolt on the chain guide which resulted in a rounded bolt and having to drill it out. They are stainless so I expect it was just some dirt trapped under the bolt head causing it to bind. Being standard size bolts I had a spare in the toolbox so it was a quick fix.

What do we think?

For the extra 38g it’s not worth not running a guide this light. And the bash ring provides a bit of protection for your chain ring in the event of a rock strike or a badly timed drop off.

We love:

  • UK made
  • Easy to install
  • Effective chain retention

Could do better:

  • Bolt seized and had to be drilled out (user error though I think)

You can check out the Unite Components Compact Chain Guide V2 on their website here.