Shimano Launch Durability-Focused LinkGlide Deore and Deore XT Units.

Designed to tackle the increased torque of ebikes, Shimano have released Deore and Deore XT LinkGlide groupsets.

Deore and Deore XT gain two new drive train options, with a focus on increased durability, aimed at eMTB and eTrekking bikes with their ever-increasing motor torque.

Designed around durability and shift performance, Shimano’s new Linkglide Deore and Deore XT groupsets do not focus on low weight like the flagship Hyperglide+ offerings. Hyperglide+ still remains and offers the fast shifting performance that Shimano are known for.

Shimano makes a bold claim that the Linkglide cassettes are three times as durable as their Hyperglide+ counterparts, seeing a much longer life and better performance before the chain starts to skip. Linkglide will be offered in Deore 1×10 or XT 1×11 speed, but won’t be compatible with any other Shimano drivetrain components. All 11-speed Shimano chains will work, and the Linkglide cassettes will fit a HG freehub body.


Thicker teeth of plated steel with redesigned shifting ramps in new locations aim to offer better, more consistent shifting for longer. The teeth are also strong and taller approaching the tip to better improve longevity.

Both new drivetrains come with a specific shifter, the Deore being a band clamp with the Deore XT being band or split clamp, as the new systems use a different pull ratio compared to Hyperglide+.

You can check out the new Linkglide drivetrains from Shimano on their website here.