2021 Trans Madeira Day 3 Highlights.

The sun came out as racing at the 2021 Trans Madeira ticked past the halfway mark and racked up its biggest day.

Jerome Clementz would take the day but his DNF on day two left Christian Textor in command of the Men’s category. Daniel Pombo made it a clean streak in the Men30, with Leo Kokkonen and Anita Gehrig doing the same in Men40 and Womens categories respectively.

Day 3 at the Trans Madeira started down on the south coast in the capital of Funchal and would take the riders on the largest and most epic day out of the week in a full south to north traverse up to Sao Vicente on the rugged north coast.

The day started with a big shuttle up to the very top of the island, leaving behind the sun and warmth of the beach and going into the clouds and mist. The trail that kicked off the day though was an epic fast, dry pink ball down through the high alpine. A very short liaison along a road and it was right into the second stage of the day which took riders right down into the middle of the island. Hero dirt and endless berms, I didn’t hear a single bad word at the end just hype.

Photo by Kike Abelleira

From the middle, and bottom of the island in the nuns valley riders loaded up on water and snacks before starting the largest hike/climb of the week right back up to near the top of the island.

From there it was a long flat ride/walk through some long, tight, dark tunnels before the final 2 stages.

eOne Sixty Carbon

Stage 3 was lorded by everyone that rode it as being up there with the best trails they had ever ridden, look at the photos, watch the video but just a lush tropical forest toboggan of hero dirt, and the day wrapped off by a 4th stage of steep tech and a roll back down to the camp.

Beers, dinner, bed and get ready for day 4!

48km // 1680m Up // 2950m Down

You can check out the full Trans Madeira results on their website here.