Orange Bikes Launch Phase AD3 Adaptive eBike Prototype.

It is certainly not what you’d have expected from Orange Bikes as they release their first adaptive ebike, a collaborative effort from Orange and Lorraine Truong.

After six years of development by the Orange Strange department, the Phase AD3 adaptive ebike is here, designed by Alex Desmond, with input from ex-EWS racer Lorraine Truong.

The key elements to the Phase AD3 that mark it as unique amongst adaptive mountain bikes is the isolation of lean angle and the dual fork, making it accessible for those who can’t ride conventional two-wheeled adaptive bikes.

Key features:

  • Adaptive eMTB
  • An adaptive eMTB that’s built for technical, off-road terrain
  • Developed and manufactured by the Orange Bikes Strange Prototype Division
  • Designed by Orange engineer Alex Desmond with the input of ex-EWS racer Lorraine Truong
  • Built around an Orange Phase chassis, with Alex Desmond’s own Patent-Pending AD3 system and Paradox eBike motor
  • Hugely customisable to fit the needs of individual riders

Orange’s Phase ebike is the basis for the Phase AD3. Travel is 165mm at the rear wheel, with the frame made, unsurprisingly, from 6061-T6 aluminium. The bike rolls on 27.5″ wheels front and back.

Cantilever linkages join to two extra head tubes with a separate steering linkage connected to the two suspension forks. In this case, a pair of Fox 38s, just like you’d get on a standard Phase.

Endura MTB lookbook

A bucket seat allows the rider to have their core supported, while the Paradox motor can be setup either as a standard pedal-assist or with a throttle to suit rider needs.

As it stands, this is the initial Strange prototype, so there’s no details on planned production or potential cost.

For more on Orange Bikes, head to their website here.