Tested : Ben’s Urge All Air Helmet Review.

Featuring a serious amount of ventilation and some hefty environmental chops, the Urge All Air helmet has plenty going for it.

The All Air is the latest eco-friendly trail lid from French helmet brand Urge Protection. Ben has been working up a sweat in it this summer to see how it compares.

Photos by Dave Price.

Key features:

  • In-Mold construction
  • Hard in recycled ABS visor
  • 21 vents
  • Eco Friendly Index 6/7
  • Recycled EPS shell
  • Sizing S/M “54-57”; L/XL “57-59”
  • Recycled PET straps
  • 310g
  • £74.95 RRP
  • UrgeBike.com

Urge have always done things a bit differently, both in terms of the way their helmets look, but also when it comes to using recycled materials and being kind to our planet, which they have been doing for years. The All Air’s design certainly divided opinions, especially with its curved peak which makes it look like a hat from Peaky Blinders. It has a slightly odd ridge on top that attracted some helpful comments from riding mates as well!

The All Air is their top end open face helmet, designed for trail riding duties. It does not quite have the coverage at the rear of the head as some other modern helmets, but the more minimal design helps to contribute to its feathery 310 gram weight, about 100 grams less than a Troy Lee Designs A3 MIPS.

The helmet is also very well ventilated, with 21 large vents channelling a lot of air over your head when you get moving. It is noticeably cooler than most other trail helmets that I have worn recently, although if you are bald or thinning you will need sun cream on your head on a hot day thanks to the gaping vents.

Fit, as always is a personal thing and I didn’t get on very well with the All Air. I have a 58cm head that is a bit flat on the sides, and tested the L/XL model. I found that the fit adjustment dial at the rear of the helmet tended to put pressure on the front and rear of my head, rather than all round, and whilst it was secure, it was not as comfy as I would like for longer rides. If you have a bit of a rounder head than me, then the Urge is likely to be a good fit.

What do we think?

Super light and nice and cool, the Urge All Air is a great option for trail riders looking for an affordable helmet that looks a bit different to the rest of the crowd. Big props to Urge for continuing to focus on the environment and sustainability as well. High five from Wideopenmag for that.

We Love:

  • So light you forget you are wearing it.
  • Understated grey colour.
  • Good price

Could Do Better:

  • Fit did not work well with this tester

You can check out the Urge All Air helmet on their website here.