Stone King Rally Phoenix Rises from the Ashes of Trans-Provence.

The team behind the infamous Trans-Provence launch a new 6-day blind racing adventure from the high French Alps to the Ligurian Mediterranean.

Entries for the much-anticipated return of Ash Smith’s creations go live on Tuesday 30th November, limited to 100 total, so don’t be shy or you’ll miss out. Santa Cruz’s Stone King Rally promises to be a cut above. The race kicks off 28 June 2022.

The key stats:

  • Countries: 2 (~75% of the route in Italy, ~25% in France)
  • Riders: 100
  • Days: 6 
  • Timed Stages: 24
  • Distance (on-bike): 269km
  • Ascent (on-bike): 8140m
  • Descent (on-bike): 20153m

Santa Cruz Stone King Rally is the evolution of backcountry MTB enduro competition. Containing the same blend of wild adventure and gravity racing excitement that Trans-Provence introduced in 2009 and refined over the course of a decade, we now take things to new levels on a 100% original itinerary from the High Alps to the Mediterranean.

Stone King’s truly transalpine itinerary, crossing the Alps’ central watershed not once but twice, will take in two countries and four distinct regional areas: the majestic Queyras Regional Park (France), the mystical Occitan Valleys of Piemonte (Italy), the wild Roya Valley (France) and, last but not least, the revered coastal mountains of Liguria (Italy).

Each of these zones contains its own brand of mindblowing descents and incredible journey-style trails. The inextricable link between these trails, the cultural heritage and the agricultural or industrial history of each valley is critical to the spirit of a backcountry adventure like Stone King; riders will experience -in a variety of formats- a thread of associated stories throughout the race and tour versions of the itinerary.

Race entry is limited to 100 riders and will take place on Tuesday 30th November 2021. The good news for those who don’t get a race spot, and for those who prefer the idea of riding Stone King at party pace and without the pressure of competition, is that each year’s itinerary will be made available for autonomous enjoyment via an innovative touristic platform. More news on that will follow in Spring 2022.

For now, further details on The Stone King Rally, the route and of course entry applications can all be found here.