Tested : Pete’s Helmetor Mudguard Review.

At first glance, the Helmetor Mudguard looks like every other, but this one has a little bit extra to make it stand out from the rest.

With its pop-rivet mounted extension, the Helmetor Mudguard offers extra coverage for fork seals and stanchions, whilst also doing a solid job of keeping the crap out of your eyes.

Key features:

  • 305mm Length
  • 43g (without cable ties)
  • 26” 27.5” 29” wheel compatible
  • Accepts up to 3” wide tyres
  • Not compatible with backward facing braces/arches
  • Recyclable packaging and reusable cable ties
  • Designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland
  • £14.99 RRP
  • Helmeteor.com

Every man and his dog produces a variation of the flat, stamped plastic mudguard so my interest was piqued when Tim from Helmetor offered up one of his mudguards to test. On paper, it’s much the same as the rest but they’re UK-made and feature reusable zip ties and recyclable packaging. A nice touch.

Where the Helmeteor Mudguard differs though is evident in the extra holes punched around the outer part of the rearward section of the guard. What you get is some plastic rivets and their opposing rivet heads, plus an extra U-shaped section to rivet on, should you choose to do so. Attachment is via the resuable zip ties.

What the extra width and length does, beyond offering more coverage from mud in your face, is to protect the fork seals and stanchions from the trail crap that they are often subject to. Thus far, it has kept the Fox 38s on my Vitus Sommet 29 CRX fairly free of debris, so it’s not just marketing hype.

The one place I felt the Helmetor lacked is in the coverage of the wheel ahead of the fork brace. When things get especially muddy on the big hill days I have been doing of late, I have still taken a shot of slop to the face. Adding more material to the front section, or maybe even another riveted addition would give some serious all-round coverage in an inexpensive package. For the most part, the guard has been doing a sterling job.

What do we think?

The Helmetor mudguard is a smart solution to an age-old problem that doesn’t require any real extra faff or an hefty price tag. We like the fact that its UK-made and the zip ties can be reused. A nice touch. For those days when it really pours, some extra frontage would be nice.

We love:

  • UK-made
  • Cheap, extensive coverage
  • Reusable zip ties

Could do better:

  • A little bit of extra coverage out front would seal the deal

You can check out the Helmetor Mudguard over on their website here.