We Chat Mice and Goats with Greg Minnaar.

We sat down for a quick chat with the current UCI Downhill World Champion and GOAT, Mr. Greg Minnaar to ask some burning questions.

How does Greg Minnaar fuel the fire to keep racing at the sharp end, deal with a mechanic taller than him and everything else you might need to know about downhill’s greatest ever rider…

Photos courtesy of Mous.

How does it feel to no longer be the tallest member of the Syndicate?

It’s amazing, takes off all the pressure.

What World Cup venue would you like to see make a come back?

I’d like to go back to Japan, then again racing at home in South Africa was pretty cool too.

What’s your most memorable World Cup win?

The most memorable win is probably the last win, probably because it’s the one that I think about most when day dreaming of racing.

Favourite World Cup location and why?

It’s pretty tough to answer this, I have a soft spot for MSA as I’ve been going there pretty much every year since 1998, of course exclude in the years of COVID. Fort William is another favourite, because I started my professional career in the UK I feel like it’s pretty close to racing at home. And then there’s Vallnord, Andorra… Well, it’s my new home.

Where’s the best after party?

Those were the days. They’re pretty hard to find nowadays…

What motivates you to keep going after over two decades of racing at the sharp end?

Racing, I love it. Something so hard to get right, there so many variables, and at the end of the day you just have to go faster. I don’t feel I’ve ever come close to mastering this sport, and that’s what I find so motivating.

After riding for Global, Haro and Honda, did you ever think you’d be on the same team for fourteen years?

I’ve never been a rider that jumps around on different teams chasing the money. My only “tactical” move has been from Haro to Honda, and that was purely based on getting to see the workings of an incredible company like Honda. So yeah, its no surprise really that I’ve been with the Syndicate for 14 years, we work well together.

Skin suits, yes or no?


Which rider do you think will be the next GOAT?

I have no idea, I didn’t even expect myself to be in this position so how could I predict anyone else?

Thankfully it hasn’t happened, but did you have a plan B at any point if racing didn’t work out or you got injured?

Plan B is only for those who aren’t 100% sure played A won’t work out.

Product-wise, what do you think has made the biggest difference to how you race downhill compared to when you started?

Wheel size. But not necessarily the actual size of the wheels that we ride, but more the fact that to fit these big wheels into a bike we had to stretch out the chassis, only to find we can ride a longer wheel-based bike, and that they do turn and are maneuverable.

How did the Mous collab come about, and is it more than just a simple collboration?

The collab with Mous is not your typical sponsor deal, its more a double down on promoting something I have ownership in. For sure I love the company and this is why I invested in them, we have a unique opportunity for branding our helmets, I wanted to brand my helmet in something that I believe in, something that I use, and something that I thought other people would like.

This probably goes against all modern trends where riders have the “privilege” to represent brands they don’t use, don’t believe others should use, but wear it because its cool.

You can keep tabs on Greg’s racing exploits on his Instagram feed here.