Our Pick of Riding Videos That Will Make You Want to Ride.

This is our pick of the best riding edits that make us want to grab a bike and go ride before the video ends, they’re just that good.

Every now and again, a riding video stands head and shoulders above the rest, urging you to get out and turn your wheels on dirt. Here’s our pick of the ones that get us fizzing.

We’ve omitted a few classics that we struggled to find on the world wide web… George Brannigan’s original Queenstown segment, a decent version of Sam Hill’s 3 Minute Gaps…

Connor Fearon’s Gamble Segment

Widely regarded as the fastest person around a corner on a mountain bicycle, Connor Fearon definitely lets his riding do the talking.

It might be five years old but boy does this segment from GAMBLE is a masterpiece.

Bryn Atkinson’s ‘Sound of Speed’

Yes, there might be a bit of a theme here… Quiet Aussies absolutely going to town on their push irons. If Connor Fearon is the fastest man around a corner, Bryn Atkinson is in a very close second place.

That opening broadside. Hot damn.

Deathgrip, Schladming with Fairclough and Bryceland

Schladming with two of the UK’s finest bike hustlers. You could just listen to the audio on this and you’d want to go ride, luckily, the video element is off the chart too.

2022 Red Bull Formation

In almost every branch of World level riding at the minute, womens’ riding is off the hook. Red Bull Formation is no exception. The progression in womens’ riding right now kicks the arse off the guys’.

Brage Vestavik’s X Games Segment

Everyone loves this edit that arguably should have won the XGames Real MTB competition, the only things that don’t are Brage’s bike and his ankles. Strap in folks, this is a wild one.

Danny Hart’s 2011 World Champs run

They say Rainbow Stripes are forever, but there’s something special about winning them by over eleven seconds on a track like Champery.

The person writing this sentence was stood in the bottom woods and witnessed that whip first hand. The entire hill was electric, the din when Danny crossed the line was indescribable. Again, another video where the audio alone will get you going.

Steve Peat’s New World Disorder 3 segment

Iron Maiden’s Aces High and a tall Yorkshireman going like a stabbed rat down a large Canadian mountain. What’s not to like?

Joe and Bo Bike Track Extension

Remember when you rode for the sheer love of it?

Let wee Bo help you find the fizz for riding ‘muddy bike tracks’ again.

Vaea Verbeeck’s ‘Still Growing’ edit

Simple, yet effective. Since this video came out, Vaea Verbeeck has become one of the sendiest riders out there, stepping up at Red Bull Formation and Crankworx events.

Kilian Bron’s Follow the Light

Cappadocia might well have been shot by countless videographers for bike edits over the years, but Kilian Bron’s ‘Follow the Light’ hits different. A little less shred but extra wanderlust for good measure.

Fabio Wibmer’s Fabiolous Escape 2

Watch Fabio Wibmer huck it out of a helicopter and you might well not need to watch the rest of this video. You should though, as the rest is just as ridiculous. They say the second album is the trickiest, but Fabiolous Escape 2 is arguably the better of the two.

Vero Sandler’s VISION

We’re always stoked when Wideopenmag team riders move on to bigger and better things, and Vero Sandler has done exactly that. Now at the sharp end of womens’ freeride, VISION is arguably the catalyst to that.

What have we missed? What riding edit do you go to for a solid dollop of riding fizz? Let us know on our Facebook page.