US Open DH Offers Up 400% More Prize Money Than a World Cup.

Winners of the Elite category at the US Open DH walked off with a cool $15,000, some 400% more money than winning a World Cup.

Dakotah Norton and Nina Hoffman walked off with an acme-sized cheque for 15,000 US Dollars for winning the Elite category at the US Open DH in Killington, Vermont.

Third place Asa Vermette and Aletha Ostgaard finished third in Elite, going home with a similarly large (sized) cheque for 3,750 US Dollars, exactly what they would have won had they won a World Cup?

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Why the inordinate disparity in prize money? Surely the UCI Downhill World Cup is the premiere race series? We’d imagine it’s because of the standalone nature of the event with a big corporate sponsor but Dakotah Norton won as much money at this race than Amaury Pierron did by winning four World Cups…

Photo by Bartek Wolinski / Red Bull