England Loses The Right to Wild Camp in Dartmoor Case.

Dartmoor had historically been the only place in England where wild camping was legal, this right has now been lost in the High Court.

The High Court has ruled in favour of Alexander Darwall, owner of the 1600+ hectare Blachford estate, making wild camping on Dartmoor illegal without landowner consent. This now means that there is no place in England where wild camping is legal.

With only 8% of land open to public access in England, this is a further deterioration of public access rights and real hit to legal wild camping. Despite protests on site and at the court, the judge ruled in favour of the landowner rather than the national park.

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Read the full story here.

Photo by Jamie Edwards.

    1. These people are a minority but appear to think that this is the 18th century.You also realise that the courts are there to suit the rich,but sheer weight of numbers will eventually bring this ruling down.Because mass trespassing will hopefully make this character Darwall change his mind-grudgingly.

  1. There was never a “Right” to wildcamp on Dartmoor, it was “assumed” that the Public could.

    The Byelaw states that the Public have Right to access on foot or on horse for the purpose of recreation. Camping was never mentioned.

    The Landowners appeal was made on a point of law and not the outcome of the initial hearing.

    People need to understand Law and their responsibilities under the Law.

    There is a case to answer here, from both parties, but the law, in this aspect is quite clear.

    1. So now camping isn’t a recreational activity?

      the activity of spending a holiday living in a tent.


      an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in travelling.

      The only thing that you’ve made quite clear here is the kind of no person you are.

  2. Simple. The law needs to change. Anyone who seriously believes they ‘own’ the wild and unspoilt areas in this country are either arrogant or delusional.

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