Trash Free Trails’ Earth Day Spring Cleans Are Just Around the Corner.

With Earth Day a few weeks away, Trash Free Trails have announced that their Spring Cleans will coincide with this most important day.

Saturday 22nd April is Earth Day, and to celebrate this day, Trash Free Trails are running their Earth Day Spring Cleans to promote connection with our wild spaces and hoover up some single use pollution at the same time.

Photo by Rich Baybutt.

With the return of Spring comes a great sigh of relief – most especially this year as we
look to turn down the thermostat after a long, hard and expensive winter. With the longer
days and warmer weather now on the horizon, we eagerly step back outdoors, soaking in
(for what feels like the very first time) the abundant joys of the UK’s rolling hills, greening
forests and welcoming moors.

That is, until we encounter the litter.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t get away from our litter problem. In fact, we have
grown so used to the 1.3 million pieces of trash (Sussex Bylines, 2022) that get dropped
each year across the UK that we’ve forgotten something crucial: it doesn’t actually have to
be like this.

And better yet, environmental not-for-profit Trash Free Trails say that every individual in
the UK, no matter who they are or where they live, has the capacity to end littering in
their local area in 2023.

Photo by Pete Scullion.

Their Programmes Manager Rich Breeden says:

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Too often the narrative around litter takes on a national, large-scale face; at Trash Free
Trails we know firsthand the best way to not only tackle the problem, but end littering
behaviour, is by giving individuals the tools to bring our mission to their local community.
It’s one thing for us to say it, but what if your neighbour or local shop owner did?

Trash Free Trails are inviting individuals and communities up and down the country to
take up their mission by hosting their own ‘Spring Clean’ on Earth Day, April 22nd 2023.

As we return to our favourite places and local adventures, Earth Day is also the perfect
moment to confront our disconnection from the natural world, and invest in our ability to
take tangible action towards reconciliation. So whether it’s a solo adventure, with your
mates, or for your whole community, we want to see people up and down the country
getting outdoors, removing single-use pollution, and placing the power back in their own
hands to end littering in their local area.

Trash Free Trails are providing resources, tips and inspiration throughout the month to
support communities to take up their call to action for Earth Day, and beyond too:

Litter picking might not seem like the most engaging activity, but actually we’ve seen
firsthand how it transforms individuals and communities.

People go from never having been to a litter pick to hosting their own. It goes to show that removing trash from places you love isn’t an isolated act; it has the capacity to transform our behaviour, and thereforeour environment as well.

Learn how to get involved with the Trash Free Trails Earth Day Spring Cleans here.