Tested : Pete’s SKS Air-X-Plorer Digi 10.0 Track Pump Review.

A digital readout and a hefty claimed airflow means that the SKS Air-X-Plorer Digi 10.0 Track Pump should be onto a winner.

Far from the most exciting product, but a crucial one to have in the shed or the van to get your tyres seated and the right pressure reached quickly. The KS Air-X-Plorer Digi 10.0 Track Pump looks to claim the top spot.

Photos by Pete Scullion.

Key features:

  • Digital pressure gauge for maximum measuring accuracy
  • Sturdy steel tube / metal base
  • Long high-pressure hose
  • Ergonomically shaped soft-touch handle
  • “MV EASY” MULTI VALVE head for all valve types
  • Rated to 10 Bar / 145 PSI
  • Made in Germany
  • £70.00 RRP
  • SKS-Germany.com

More often than not, a good track pump is needed in an emergency, not when the going is good. Moving air into a tyre shouldn’t be that big of an ask of a modern floor pump but when you need to seat a tyre or get wind into a wheel fast, that’s the making of a very good track pump.

SKS Germany’s Air-X-Plorer 10.0 aims at being the king of track pumps. The base and main tube are metal, giving a solid feel, with a rubberized, ergonomic handle to make the most of you heaving on it. As the Digi name suggests, the readout is digital, offering large numbers in either PSI or Bar, down to a single decimal place. The valve head doesn’t require any tools to snap onto your valve, with the connection feeling solid, and the orange lever making sure everything stays in place.

From the off, the Air-X-Plorer feels like it was made to last and shift a lot of air whilst doing it. My outgoing track pump has been showing the wrong pressure for ages, so have been going on feel for the most part. Now, I know exactly what pressure I want in each tyre, thanks to the digital readout.

Being a fairly light human at around 60kg, you can often go well over the pressure when topping up, and like all pumps, the pressure spikes before falling, meaning you do need to allow it to return to level if you’re fine-tuning your pressures.

When seating tyres or trying to get the pressures high for some longer distance action, however, is where the Air-X-Plorer shines. It shifts some volume of air without ever feeling like you’re trying, and I’ve even topped up my van tyres a couple of times without breaking a sweat just to see how good it is.

The readout is big enough not read without having to stare at it all the time, can be cycled through Bar or PSI, and will turn off of its own accord after approximately 20 seconds of inactivity. The batteries are replaceable, and should you break a component on the pump, SKS are one of those companies that can and will sell you a replacement part, should you manage to wear out or break anything on this pump.

What do we think?

Track pumps are one of things that you buy once and only replace when a mate nicks yours or yours just grinds to a halt. SKS have, in the Air-X-Plorer Digi 10.0 made a track pump that might outlast the friend that nicked it, whilst shifting large volumes of air with minimal fuss, with a very nice digital readout.

We love:

  • Built to last
  • Impressive inflation skills
  • Solid build
  • Replacement parts readily available

Could do better:

  • Not an awful lot

You can check out the SKS Air-X-Plorer Digi 10.0 over on their website here.