Win Patagonia Goodies by Filling Out This Environmental Action Survey.

Trash Free Trails A-Teamer and all-round good guy Rupert Barry has launched his Nature experiences and environmental action survey.

An IMBA Europe-funded research project, with the support of Specialized and Patagonia, is asking riders in the UK to take part in a survey on nature experiences and environmental action.

The survey is exploring how riders experience nature, understand environmental threats in trail locations, and are motivated to engage with nature pressures facing trail locations.

From local action to supporting national environmental policy, the mountain bike community can play an important role as guardians of trail locations for the future. It’s time to understand how this can become a greater part of the riding experience.

Complete the survey and enter the prize draw to win a Patagonia Dirt Roamer Bike Pack and a Trail Matters photo book by Filip Zuan.

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  1. Quite an interesting project, and the idea of exploring the environment with the help of riders. With their help, you can explore the environment and discover something new. I am also doing environmental research and writing my essay on environmental protection. To learn more and get new ideas, I decided to refer to this site and get more useful info. But after reading this article, I definitely got a new idea because I didn’t think that cyclists could help in research.

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