Cascada Cycle Clothing – Jamie’s First Look

Wideopen Family – Please be introduced to Cascada Cycling Clothing.

For whatever reason, the last couple of years have seen a whole host of fresh blood pump into the off-road cycling apparel game.

One such freshie is Cascada Cycle Clothing, which leans firmly into the gravel and adventure side of things but is, we think, still super relevant to us dirtbag mountain bikers.

Working out of Trentino in North Italy, Cascada claims to be “living for the ongoing search of unknown lands”. What that means is colourful shades, full-pattern prints and plenty of design cues that nod towards campouts, exploration, adventure, nature and wildlife. Aztec prints, pen knife and campfire graphics, hand-drawn illustrations of wolves, contour lines, snakes, needles, stars and moons. You get the drift.

Their gear is made for trail running, road, gravel and adventure cyclists but much of it bleeds nicely into ‘our’ end of cycling – especially the technical long and short sleeve jerseys.

It’s fun, it’s colourful and it’s different. It’s a lot more bike-packing than downhill racing. And that’s ok by us.

Cascada’s Trail Teeshirts are lightweight, cool and comfy. They’re made from 90% recycled polyester and 10% recycled elastan which works well in the heat, dries quick and feels soft against the skin. There’s no label at the neck to, meaning no itching and the material has a 4-way stretch to help you move on the bike.

Cascada’s Highland Fleece Hoodie is – you guessed it – a hooded fleece, that’s intended as a lightweight outer layer. There’s two side-pockets and a breast pocket and elasticated cuts and an elasticated hood.

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It’s quick-drying, breathable and super soft and comfortable. This one’s for the colder months or for throwing on round the camp-fire or in the car park. Slim fit, so size up.

The material is blue-sign approved and “made from 69% polyester from plastic bottles”.

It’s a shirt, but for biking. The Cascada Land Wool Shirt is stretchy, breathable, super-soft and comfy and made from breathable wool / polyester blend fabric. It has poppers up the front and elasticated cuffs, similar to a long sleeve jersey. There are also two popper-fastened breast pockets.

You’ll either love this, or hate this. For us, it’s comfy, lightweight and can easily be opened or closed to regulate your temperature. And the full-print pattern is wild. On the bike it feels more like a long-sleeve riding jersey than a shirt. Love it.

Last but not least, Cascada’s Trail Lightweight Long Sleeve. A cool, lightweight, comfy long sleeve with a simple design. No frills. Great for riding, trail running, whatever you like.

All of this is just a small sample of Cascada’s line-up, you can browse the full collection over at