Amaury Pierron Checks in After His Lenzerheide Injury.

After suffering a C5 vertebrae fracture in Lenzerheide, Amaury Pierron’s checked in on Instagram to give his two pence on the situation.

In many ways, Amaury Pierron is both very lucky and very unlucky. What seems like a completely innocuous crash left him with a C5 fracture, that it was stable enough to survive qualifying is a stroke of luck.

According to our resident expert, Pierron has undergone a C5 corpectomy, with a fusion of C4 and C6. These will become a single, fused, non-moving segment.

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His most recent post since the accident calls focus on the fact that rocks and stumps shouldn’t be in the track’s B-zone as well as the fact that there’s no doctors on site that are affiliated with the race and can stop a rider from competing. Within all that, he mentions that selling the rights to Discovery hasn’t seen any more money coming in the riders’ direction.