TotalMTB Launches Across the Pond in Canada.

Off the back of their continued success in the UK promoting mental health awareness, TotalMTB has launched on the other side of the Atlantic.

Having raised tens of thousands of pounds, planted a similar number of trees, all while raising awareness for mental health, TotalMTB has spread across the ocean, specifically the Atlantic, to Canada.

Read the chat from the team at TotalMTB UK and Canada below.

TotalMTB founder Ryan Oldfield has this to say:

TotalMTB has developed and grown so much since 2017 and I can’t quite believe the fantastic community we have as well as all the people we have supported and helped in that time. And that’s without going into the money we’ve raised for other charities and non profits (£29,000 so far), the tree planting we’ve funded (20,000) and all the surprises for people we’ve done.

I’ve always wanted to help people all over the world and not just in the UK as mental health suffering is unfortunately worldwide, however without find the right people it wouldn’t be possible and I didn’t have time to hunt for the right people.

Luckily enough Brian read an article on the Xterra website about TotalMTB, he contacted me about trying to get something started in Canada and from then together with Martin we worked to get the Canadian TotalMTB setup both in branding, website and also legally.

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TotalMTB Canada is a legal charity and has already built up a fantastic board, supporters and partners. I’m extremely excited to see how it develops, grows, and reaches, supports and helps more people across the pond suffering with mental health.

Speaking about the launch, TotalMTB Canada’s main man Brian said:

TotalMTB coming across the pond to Canada!

We’re really excited to announce that TotalMTB is now in Canada, With Ryan’s help and support, we’re now a registered non-for-profit in Canada. In the near future, we hope to start running some of the same initiatives as in the UK. As it stands we’ve starting going to MTB events in Quebec like the Marin Wildside Enduro Series and local community events.

Besides the events, we will focus on organizing group rides, supported by staff certified in first aid, mental health first aid and a level one bike skills certification. We will also focus on supporting businesses with mental health awareness and training for their staff. This includes both corporate, small businesses and bike shops.

Our goal is to also start TotalMTB military veterans’ MTB groups across Canada and are currently working with veterans’ groups to make this happen. We’ve had some great partners come on board and support our mission. These include Smith Optics, Paxyl, Marin Bikes, Shimano and Hammer Nutrition.

You can check out TotalMTB Canada over on their website here.