TotalMTB Crash Through the £30,000 Mark for Money Raised.

TotalMTB are celebrating having raised a total of over £30,000 from their fundraising for various mental health and environmental charities.

TotalMTB have smashed through the £30,000 fundraising mark having started off their journey supporting mental health and environmental charities some four years ago.


Since we started raising money for other charities and non profit projects 4 years ago we have now raised over £30,000 (£31,202 to be exact).

This has mainly gone to three projects/charities in the UK:

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  • @traumaresearchuk – Mental Health Charity
  • @puffajones75 – A bike project in Wales collecting, fixing and giving bikes out to people who’re struggling for free
  • @ecologi_hq – Planting trees around the world

I just want to say a massive thank you to the TotalMTB and MTB community for helping us raise this amount and in turn help and support other fantastic projects around the UK.

Together we’re making a change.

You can support TotalMTB in a manner of ways, check them out on their website here.