Tested : Pete’s Fasthouse Hooper Knee Pads Review.

With input from their freeride legend Tyler McCaul, Fasthouse’s Hooper Knee Pads are designed to take the hits all day long.

Aimed at providing a decent level of protection without breaking the bank or being uncomfortable on long rides, the Tyler McCaul-inpsired Fasthouse Hooper knee pads have a lot to live up to.

Do they cut the mustard though? Pete has been finding out.

Photos by Pete Scullion.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic design with abrasion resistant fabric
  • D3O-style articulated foam injected knee pad
  • Vented mesh back
  • Removable pad
  • Extended shin pad
  • EN1621-1:2021 Level 2 certified
  • £89.99 RRP
  • Fasthouse.com

On the face of it, the Fasthouse Hooper knee pads have all the same ingredients that all other knee pads have. Abrasion-resistant outer, removeable extended pad that meets the latest CE certifications and hardens on impact, as well as a mesh rear.

The proof, as the old saying goes, is in the pudding and the way Fasthouse have put together the Hooper makes them a real winner in my eyes. They’ve reset the marker for all-day comfort, with not a hint of slippage regardless of how long the ride is. The multiple wavy lines of silicone on the upper opening really is streets ahead of the usual single run of grip. This makes all the difference.

On the subject of grip, they work best once you’ve worked up a sweat. While they’ll comfortably slip on before the drive to a ride without getting in the way, you’ll likely need to reseat them before you get pedalling.

Think of these as a middle ground option in terms of coverage and protection between the 661 Recon and 661 Recon Advanced. Whilst it is a middle ground, unless you’re doing proper gravity days, these will hit the spot for pretty much anything. Extending the protection area down the shin gives dollops of extra confidence in their abilities to see off the worst of a crash, even if I haven’t had to properly test them in this regard.

What do we think?

If we were going to pay our own money for knee pads, we’d be getting a pair or two of the Fasthouse Hooper Knee Pads. They are that good.

We love:

  • All day comfort
  • Confidence inspiring coverage
  • Low weight
  • Not silly money

Could do better:

  • We couldn’t think of anything

You can check out the Fasthouse Hooper Knee Pad over on their website here.