Nils Amelinckx Was One of the Good Guys. Ride Easy Nils.

Mountain biking lost one of the good guys yesterday. Nils Amelinckx lost his fight with cancer but showed us all how best to spend the time we’ve got.

Rider Resilience and Lyon Equipment founder Nils Amelinckx was a man who showed everyone that bikes could be the way to deal with some serious sh*t and founded Rider Resilience to help spread that message. Nobody that met Nils could fail to be swept away on a tidal wave of positivity, us included.

Nils sadly lost his fight with cancer yesterday. A GoFundMe page has been setup to help his wife and kids. You can donate to that page here.

From the Lyon Equipment team:

It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Nils Amelinckx, the visionary behind Rider Resilience and Lyon Cycle. Nils, a cherished friend, respected colleague and a source of inspiration for many, lost his valiant six and a half-year battle against stage four bowel cancer. His departure leaves an irreplaceable void in our lives and in the broader community he touched.

Nils’s journey was characterized by unmatched resilience, boundless kindness and a talent for sharing inspirational stories. He wasn’t just a leader; he embodied resilience and hope. Confronting his own adversity, Nils established Rider Resilience, an initiative aimed at turning personal hardships into a wellspring of strength for those facing a multitude of challenges, all through the power of bicycles.

Diagnosed at the tender age of 30 with incurable stage four bowel cancer, Nils faced a prognosis that allowed him only five years to live. Undeterred, he set audacious goals that surpassed conventional boundaries. Remarkably, Nils not only achieved these aspirations but fiercely battled his illness until the very end, surpassing expectations and inspiring us all.

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“Nils has been an inspiration to us all at Lyon both as a colleague and personal friend. His fortitude and “can do” attitude dealing with the worse than life can throw at you has humbled every one of us. Nils made me realise that growing old is a privilege. If I am ever asked for the definition of Resilience I will simply say Nils Amelinckx.”Jonathan Capper, Lyon Equipment Managing Director and friend.

As we come to terms with the magnitude of this loss, we encourage everyone to draw inspiration from Nils’s enduring spirit. Embrace the outdoors, cherish each fleeting moment and celebrate the life of a man who wished his legacy to be one of joy, not sorrow.

Nils is survived by his loving wife, Laura, and their two children, Lotte and Leo. Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with them and his wider family during this incredibly challenging time.

The teams at Rider Resilience and Lyon Equipment recognize that processing this profound loss will take time and we appreciate your patience as we navigate through our grief. Please bear with us as we pay tribute to Nils’s memory and legacy.

Rest in Peace, Nils. Your absence is clearly felt and your spirit will forever live on in our hearts and in the enduring missions of Rider Resilience and Lyon Cycle.

We were lucky enough to have Nils answer our Wise Words interview. You can soak in some of his wisdom here.