Hope Add E4 Caliper and Colours to XCR Lever Options.

Hope Technology have added a beefed up caliper option in the form of the E4 unit as well as more colours to their XCR levers.

Anyone looking for Hope for their builds now have more options for both colours and calipers. The XCR lever gains E4 options as well as the X2 unit, with another five colours.

Key features:

  • Carbon blade and titanium hardware
  • Lever reach adjustment
  • Hinge clamp for easy installation
  • CNC Machined from high grade forged aluminium billet
  • 10% Power increase over Race Evo lever
  • X2 Postmount and Flatmount Caliper Options available // E4 Postmount
  • Crimped hose design on caliper
  • Rigid CNC’d one piece caliper
  • Lightweight aluminium backed pads
  • Compatible with all current Tech 3 shifter mounts
  • Available in Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Orange & Purple
  • Available with black hose only
  • Weight from 199g for X2
  • XCR PRO X2: £200.00 / XCR PRO E4: £225.00 RRP
  • HopeTech.com

Off the back of their downhill specific Pro 5 hub, Hope have added another caliper option to their XCR lever line up. Until now, the XCR lever was only available with the X2 caliper, which unsurprisingly, given the name was aimed at cross country racing.

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With the prevalence of aggressive trail riding, and dare we say it, downcountry, Hope have added the E4 caliper as a complete brake option with the XCR lever, aimed at offering more power for the light weight package.

In addition to this, the XCR is available in five additional anodised colours, black being the only option prior. Silver, Red, Blue, Orange and Purple are all added into the mix.

You can check out the Hope XCR E4 over on their website here.