Northern Downhill Series Rd2 Hamsterley

Our mate Oliver Coats was up at Hamsterley this weekend for Rd2 of the Northern DH Series. We covered Rd1 in the mag and by all accounts this could well turn into a great series.

Here’s what Oliver had to say about it…

Well Phil and Carl got their second event underway this weekend at  Hamsterley.

The course was well slippy first thing this morning after some heavy rain but by the time racing started  the chill wind had dried  some sections out. Included in the course was a huge drop right at  the bottom that was probably getting on for 30ft.  By Saturday afternoon it  had already sent one young rider to hospital who face planted and  smashed through the front of his helmet.  It wasn’t good, but a neck  brace had been a saviour here!  A wake up call for any that don’t use them!
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Phil Ashbridge

Danny Hart took the top spot in Elites.  About a second separated him and  last round winner Peter Williams who was clearly gutted when he got a  spectacular blow out on his second race run, leaving an inflated tube  bulging from his back wheel.  His first run time, only being enough for 2nd.  Phil Ashbridge took 3rd.

Unfortunately the event was, like round 1, marred by a few timing  problems, and a few riders were complaining about the choice of  course. You can’t please everyone all the time, I suppose, and this  is in it’s infancy, so things can’t be expected to go quite as  smoothly as you would hope.  But there were plenty of spectators on  hill to watch the racing, and they endured a pretty harsh cold  wind, so the support is there.  Let’s make sure it continues onto the next round at Carlton Bank (date not yet confirmed).

Huge thanks to Oliver for beaming over this repo.
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Elite podium