Kielder Avalance Enduro

This weekend was saw the Avalanche Enduro head for Kielder Forest with Tracy Moseley, David Vazquez Lopez and Danny Hart all taking medals.


Our mate Oliver Coat’s got in touch this morning with a quick repo. Here goes…

The event was excellent.  As you’d expect from Avalanche, I suppose.  

They’re obviously keen on the trails at Kielder, as it’s the second year running that they’ve chosen the Deadwater Trail.  Tracy Moseley quoted as saying “not what I was expecting in Britain, the trails have  a foreign feel to them, the loose material makes the riders think –  not just brakes off”. 

Punctures were the main order of the day –  especially on the ‘Forrest Dive’ black section (named after Scottish  downhiller Gary Forrest who built it), where quite a few riders came  through, running on their rear rims.  Weather was kind.  Loads of sun,  and one very brief, but very heavy hail storm!

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I will have a gallery on my site very soon, but so far only  have Saturday’s photos up. Check those out here

Also, maybe worth noting on the website that the next Avalanche Enduro  is at Ae Forest in 2 weeks, for which there are still entries  available –

Linky –

Oliver Coats
[email protected]


BIG thanks to Oliver for sending all this over. Look out for more photos from him in WO 10  – he’s sent some bangers of Tracy and Danny over which i’m keeping for the mag!