Fort Bill World Cup – Sunday DH Practice

Here’s photographer Andy Dunwoody’s report from the Fort. “Some people went quick, some people went slow and some people were fair to middling”. He’s about hit the nail on the head – DH practice just finished and everyone is taking it easy before the main event – kicking off at 1:15 this afternoon.

The riders were out blasting some runs this morning and styling it up for the crowd – Brendawg won £100 last weekend at the NPS at Llangollen for the biggest whip. Apparently they don’t give out prizes at the World Cup for that – but he’s still at it.

The girls are about to start rolling – with Sophie Borderes from France first out the gate. There’s only 20 of ’em in the whole pack with Sarah Newman, Jess Stone, Katy Curd, Ffion Griffiths and Tracy Moseley repping for the UK.

SQ LabsLeaderboard

First UK fella down is Aaran Gannicott who’se off at 2:14…

That’s it – all that’s left is the main event. Give the riders a cheer and fingers crossed for some UK podiums!

Good luck everyone!