Product: Alpkit, Raceface, ODI, Dainese

We’ve just had a fresh dump of test product here at WideopenHQ – with goodies from Alpkit, Raceface, Dianese and ODI.

First up –  Jenius Jeans from Alpkit.  They look like normal jeans but are actually made from water resistant ‘EPIC’ denim. £50 posted from Alpkit and available in ‘Regular Joe’ and ‘Slim Jim’.

The Jeanius Jeans are pretty nifty so far – they look like regular jeans, have a great fit and ,amazingly, are actually pretty water resistant. We’ve all been throwing pints of water at my crotch since they landed and the water instantly beads and rolls straight off ’em! You can see them here under the tap, where the water is sitting on the surface of the denim in a pool rather than soaking in. Pretty cool indeed.

Dainese are about to launch a brand new range, distributed in the UK by Bigstone.  Here’s a first look at their all new Highway Gloves. No RRP or news on stock yet – Joe from Bigstone dropped these off yesterday and basically said ‘they’ll be available to buy when they’re available’.  Looking good so far…

… Here’s the Race Face Atlas Bar. It’s a heavy duty DH and Freeride bar that clocks in at a wopping 780mm wide with a 1/2″ rise. RRP £64.99. The bar is anodized and is available in heaps of colours…

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Here we’ve got Raceface dual compound Sniper Lock-on grips, using ODI’s tried and tested formula and available in 8 different colours. RRP £26.99

And… the all new ODI Troy Lee Designs Grips, designed by the man himself.  They come with grooved channels to help shift mud, an “overmolded flap to give added protection the outside clamp”, a “custom flanged design” and come in 4 different colour options.  RRP £21.99

And last but not least, the classic ODI Ruffian grip now comes in Aqua… RRP £19.99.

These have already had a good beasting round the Single Speed European Champs at the Forest of Dean, keeping Paddy ‘2Tunnels’ Tully’s hands glued to the bars. Paddy went on to win a set of cranks in a dance-off competition, so they must be doing a good job.