The Day Job: Pat Campbell-Jenner

The day job. It might come as a surprise that most of the people you see in the mags, on the videos and out on track don’t ride their bikes all day for money.  Save for a very lucky few, most of the guys you see out there have day jobs to make ends meet and bring in some cash to support their riding addiction. The very lucky few of them do – however – manage to get day jobs in the cycling industry that allow them to eat, sleep and talk bikes all day, every day.

We’re going to meet a few of them – first up is Elite UK 4x racer and Ison Product Manager Patt Campbell-Jenner.

Patt – who are you and what’s your day job?
I am the one and only Pat Campbell Jenner. Known for dirt jumping and 4x racing. I’ve been riding 13 years and racing for 6. I ride for Identiti bikes and work for parent company Ison Distribution.

So you’ve just got a new job then?
Yeh! I’ve been landed the job of managing sales for MRP chain guides and White Brothers forks. Ha! I never was the tea boy but it’s cool to take a step up in responsibility.

What’s the job all about?
The new job involves me managing the sales of the 2 brands within the UK. I’m not in charge of sponsorship though so don’t add me on Facebook asking for sponsorship!

Best and worst things about the new job?
Best things are seeing the new products first and working with such cool companies, worst things are staring at spreadsheets!

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How you coping being stuck at a desk then?
I’ve been at the same desk for 2 years now so i’m used to it but I can still manage to get out to world cups and national races and ride at the weekends so it’s swings and roundabouts! Work hard, play hard as they say.

Here’s Scott Roberts chasing Patt down Val Di Sole.

Plans for next season then?
Plans is to improve on a pretty diasterous 2010. Too much crashing happened this year so I plan to nip that in the but and hope for some nice weather!

Patt works for and handles and products.

Check out Patt’s guided tour of the 2011 MRP range right here on Wideopen.

All photos are Facebook scavenged. Credits to: Mike Deere, Chris Ratford and Duncan Philpott.