Industry bikes – Pete Scullions ‘Number of the Beast’ Orange Five

Orange Marketing Manager and bike industry bearded hero Pete Scullion just sent over this picture of his new ‘Number of the Beast’ Orange Five…. Hey presto, a new feature is born!

Who are you then?
Pete Scullion, I am Orange Mountain Bikes marketing manager during work hours, wrecker of Stoke-O-Meters in my spare time.

Tell us about your bike?
My 2013 Five started life as a 14″ frame in Ice White built up with the SE spec (XTR, UST wheels, Hope, Easton and Thomson jewellery) and a Rockshox Reverb. 90% of the standard bolts have been replaced with Ti, it never seems like much weight when you have the bolts in your hand, but everything adds up. I opted for the 1 x 10 option (32t with 11-36 out back) with a Straitline Silent Guide keeping the chain in check. Being such a runt, I needed a light bike and this one came out of the box a whisker under 28lbs. It’s a wee bit heavier now for various reasons, but it still easy to chuck about and gallop up the climbs. I can ride a 16″ happily but I’ve always liked my bikes to feel small. The 14″ Five mirrors my last bike that was spot on size wise, so I decided to stick with what I know.

Tell us about any mods/custom stuff/special one offs.
I’ve tried to keep everything fairly stock owing to the fact that I needed a bike for a race 3 days after starting at Orange. I already had the Silent Guide so there was no delay in getting that fitted. You’ll notice the chain guide is missing the bottom slider, a result of a mystery stump bending and cracking the backplate at the Eastridge round of the UK Gravity Enduro series. A quick stop at the Shimano pits and amputation was the only option. She seems to be running ok as she is thanks to the the clutch mech, but a complete unit is preferable. Spec-wise, apart from the chain guide and Ti bolts, this bike is available to Joe Bloggs.

You may notice the Ice White paint isn’t as visible as it once was thanks to the pretty wicked Iron Maiden ghost/smoke wrap adorning it. Pretty stoked with the end result and was definitely worth the wait.

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How did you feel when you first got her?
Getting a new bike is always the best feeling ever. It’s like all the Christmas Days when you were a kid thrown into one. It’s even better when it’s your own coin buying it and not the “good behaviour” fund. Was so pleased to get this bike the day before 10 Under the Ben then without even getting used to how she rode, went and won the Senior Mixed Pairs with my team-mate, a full 10 mile lap ahead of second place. Since then I’ve fiddled with the setup to suit my bizarre tastes and the only thing holding it back is me.

Did you build her up yourself?
Yes and no. Our star mechanic JB did a cracking job of getting her built in time for the race and it was flawless throughout. I built her up last week when the frame came back from being wrapped. I can’t say I did anywhere near as good a job as JB did the first time around.

What’s the best place you’ve ridden on her so far?
I never get bored of riding the Torlundy sketch with Joe Barnes, Doug Man, Liam, Bob Man, Hannah, Fergy Babes and all the baeys (you know who you are!). Top Secret into Allt a Mhuilinn into the Death Tracks is a potent combo that’s hard to beat.

What can you do on your bike that you couldn’t do on any other bike?
I can keep turning the wick on my Five and it laps it all up, begging me to go faster. Whenever I feel like stepping it up, I know this bike will be more than ready. The vinyl wrap means I can feel like a total boss regardless of how fast I ride.

To whom do you owe favours and beers for making this bike happen?
JB for the initial pro tune, the bike was faultless until I put my hands on it, and Dave Mackison for making the best bike ever even better. It was definitely worth the wait and I can’t wait to get out on her again and turn even more heads.

Thanks to Pete – do you work in the bike industry and have a bike you want to show off? Hit us up!

Pete doesn’t have a Twitter or ought so if you want to see more from him hit up the Orange Facebook at

  1. I’m not a professionst on the bike,
    Just a passionate rider, I’ve owned a few different brand, 5″, 6″ travel
    Lately I’ve bought my self a five
    Never been happier, light & strong
    A pure weapon
    The best bike ever made, been an Italian, I understand about hand made, and the orange factory did more than an amazing job, keep up the good work

  2. Looks amazing that does an it acts as heli tape,
    i thought about using the carbon stuff on my carbon
    in key areas or a full make over, theres tiny stone
    marks on some of the tubes,i was thinking
    just do the underside of the lower tubedown to my custom made rock guard an maybe even the toptube as i can always take it back off,
    but ive been thinking if i get a bad stone hit in the wrong place im going to need to redo the whole tube after inspection
    , but i suppose thats better
    then not checking the strike area, im going to do the alu forks
    1st an see how the wrap weave fits next to the real carbon on the frame, if it looks tacky i think ile just use heli tape instead.
    the do up potential of this stuff is great ive been thinking of using
    it on other frames too, even some of the cheap stuff looks
    good but i would use dear stuff on a good frame :)

    did you strip the paint before the wrapping,
    be intrested to know if people do that,
    would shave some of the added weight,
    but with modern frames, parts an less cog gear set ups
    i doubt it makes much diffrence :)

    T1mmy :)

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