Wideopenmag end of season party wrap up (hosted by Monster!)

How’s the head?! Anyone still feeling the Jaegerburns?!

So the hangovers have hopefully now melted away and are being replaced by the smug feeling that we rocked a pretty awesome party. Time for a quick look back at the madness that went down!

The end of season party is fast becoming a bit of a legend. It’s a chance for us all to blow off some steam after a hard year of riding bikes, training, making magazines and working our asses off. It’s also a chance to say a big ‘THANKS’ to everyone for supporting the mag and helping us do what we do. What better a way than getting everyone smashed, playing some great tunes and having a right old knees up?!

The day started with a chance to race some bikes and win some prize money thanks to Chris Roberts and the DMR Pumptrack Challenge. Brendan Fairclough, Sam Reynolds, Oli Wilkins, Bernard Kerr, Monster Energy, Whackjob clothing and loads of other riders dropped in to Bristol and once again made it what Chris R describes as “the best pumptrack challenge of the year”. Despite being the favourite for the win Brendog handed the crown to Berny Kerr who went to the party with £200 beer money for his troubles.

With the hard work of riding in the bag it was up to The Croft in Bristol’s drinking district for the party. Sam Pilgrim introduced festivities on the mic and the amazing DJ Moneyshot got the crowd moving. Give Moneyshot’s sound cloud a listen here – he truly is an amazing musician and a total scientist and getting parties going!

With Moneyshot mixed out it was our headline act’s turn – The one and only Goldie Lookin Chain! Rhys and Eggsy from the chain played two hours of ridiculous disco mixes, handed out heaps of prizes and turned the venue into absolute madness! Any party where people are literally tearing off their clothes to try and win a free t-shirt is pretty funny in my book!

Fox Boa Leaderboard 2024

A few thanks are in order. First of all to the amazing Monster Energy for making the party happen. Those guys literally turned out party dream in to a reality and deserve much love. Thanks also to the guys at The Croft for being super cool with running the bar and the club and putting up with all of our rockstar demands. Thanks to the DJ’s for being rad and orchestrating a wild party. Last but not least a HUGE thanks to Steve Peat, Fox Europe, Nukeproof, RoostDH and Whackjob clothing for the amazing prizes.

Some people said it was a sausage fest … But we’re not sure that’s true…

Rhys and Eggsie on the wheels of steel with a luxurious Fox teeshirt for a lucky winner. You had to do some wild stuff to win one of these!

This lucky lad breakdanced his way to winning a Steve Peat jersey – as worn by the big man himself! What a hero.

That’s it – thanks for coming and see you next year!