Grouptest: Grips from ODI, Renthal and Deity

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You don’t touch that many points on your bike – so it’s important that you get it right on the bits that you do. A decent set of grips can make the difference between your bike feeling like a pig or a finely tuned trail killer. Here’s a few of our favourite low-profile grips that we’ve ridden so far this year.

ODI ‘The Machine’ (1st on the left)
Maris  Stromberg’s signature grip and ODI’s first signature product in 25 years. Despite BMX roots ‘The Machine’ is a great MTB grip – especially if you like long, low-profile grips. At 143mm in length, if you like a roomy cockpit or have big hands these could be a good choice.
The grip is impressive – helped by a soft compound material, and a pattern of rows of tiny stars and a larger ‘The Machine’ logo. Our test pilot ran these in the wet for a few weeks with no complaints.
cash money: £21.99
the word: An excellent low-profile grip – especially if you want a bit more room on your bars. We like the added width on these ones.

Renthal Kevlar grip (2nd from left)
Thank goodness Renthal built their own lock-on grip – the ‘slip-on’ didn’t bring that sense of moto-inspired delight. This is spot-on, a good ‘middle profile’ grip. Clamping is taken care of via CNC’d collars that lock into the body of the grip. There are various options of hardness – the Kevlar version (Renthal say) offers the best grip, comfort and durability. No complaints so far – the grip is rock solid and the compound works in all conditions. These are on my ‘go to’ bike at the moment and I won’t be changing soon.
cashmoney: £24.99
the word: With surprisingly effective ‘micro-nobbles’ these give a solid hold in all conditions. The Kevlar offers a slightly fatter grip than the likes of ODI without feeling too much like a ‘fat’ grip.

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Deity Lean (3rd from the left)
The lowest profile in this test and perfect if you like your grips super minimal. The Lean is made from a comfortable, soft compound and features a very subtle hatched pattern. They’re not ideal when conditions get muddy but offer a good mix of comfort and grip in the dry. They’re great for summer trail rides or the pump track. They’re also really comfortable if you ride without gloves and feature a small flange that’s designed to fit around shifters without the need for trimming.
cashmoney: £ 15.99
the word:  Not the grippiest in this test nor the most durable but we wanted to include them as they’re super comfortable and a great choice for dry and dusty summer riding. They’re also a few quid cheaper than the ODI and Renthal offerings.

ODI Troy Lee Designs (far right)
ODI are renowned for producing comfortable, reliable grips that stay put and don’t mess you about. This collaboration with Troy Lee Designs is (we reckon) one of the best in the range if you’re a fan of lower profile grips.
The grip pattern works well to keep your hands in place even when it’s wet. It features rows of small, overlapping ‘blocks’ with channels running vertically between and is also ‘twisted’ to offer more security. Subtle flanges are another nice feature – extra support without feeling like burly moto grips. And these glow in the dark – what’s not to like?!
cash money: £21.99
the word: Amazing grips with a super grippy and comfortable pattern. Not the most low-profile grip in this test, but a good ‘in between’ – plenty of grip without feeling too chunky.