Wideopenmag’s ‘Best of the Bunch’ – what does it mean?

The eagle eyed of you out there might have noticed the appearance of the ‘Best of the Bunch’ badge in our last issue.


The badge appeared on our interview with Dan Stanton about the Ti Slackline that we’re testing at the moment and was dreamt up by Designer James.

The ‘Best of the Bunch’ is a new award that we’ll give to one special product each issue. That’s the product that we think stands out from the crowd in that particular issue. It’s the number one, best, most exciting, most fun, best value product that we’ve featured in that mag. We don’t have any particular criteria at the moment for working out what gets the award – it simply boils down to the product that we’ve have the most fun with and think really deserves a some praise.

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The very first Best of the Bunch was awarded to the Stanton Titanium Slackline that we’ve got on long term test. It’s an amazingly good, wickedly fun bike that has got us completely hooked on riding hardtails again.

So – there you go. Look out for Issue 21 of Wideopenmag dropping in a few weeks time and for another ‘Best of the Bunch’ inside.

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