Male and female riders to receive the same prize money at National DH Champs

This year’s National Downhill Champs is shaping up to be something special.


For the first time at a British national race the male and female racers will receive the same prize money for winning. Good news for racing? What’s your opinion?

Male and female racers in the senior category will both receive:

1st place – £250

2nd place – £200

3rd place – £150

4th place – £100

5th place – £50

This should come as good news for the female racers that traditionally don’t receive as much in return for their efforts and  will be seen as a good step by race organiser Mike to encourage the female racers.

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Interestingly though, the prizes are marginally lower than at the British Downhill Series where male winners receive £300 and prizes are awarded down to 8th place. Prizes are awarded to 5th place at the Champs event due to the fact that it is a cat CN UCI event.


The rest of the prize line up for the event looks great:

Senior non champs men Evoc  (Top 5)
Senior non champs women Hope (Top 5)
Master men 30-34 Oneal (Top 5)
Master men – 35-39 KTM & Oneal (Top 5)
Veteran men – 40-44 Silverline (Top 5)
Veteran men 45-49 Rock Guardz (Top 5)
Grand Veteran 50+ Mick Extance Kawazaki Experience (Top 5)
Juvenile men Schwalbe (Top 5)
Youth men Zee (Shimano) (Top 5)
Junior men Pro (Shimano) (Top 5)
Junior women Loeka (Top 5)

Additional prizes:

Uplift passes with:
Nevis Range
Uplift Scotland
Progression bikes (Dunkeld)
Flyup Downhill
One giant Leap, Llangollen

Additional Prizes:

Top 3 of every Cat will receive an Ethic Watch
Fastest Youth will win a film day with Gee Milner
Fastest juvenile will win a photo shoot with Paul Cram

Are you a racer that this will effect?

Let us know in the comments!

  1. Debatable indeed, it’s certainly good for women and I applaud it but whether it will attract more females to the sport because of it is questionable, this is a small token for the existing ladies and Mike should be rewarded for stepping up but I don’t think it will make the slightest bit of difference to future entrants or the sport personally. Making the distinction between who should or shouldn’t receive equal amounts is not an easy task by any stretch, should men receive more because of the raw speed and excitement they offer? Most likely but do women deserve an equal field of reward due to the fact they could/should bring more exposure to new markets as they are easier to market and also assist the industry massively due to new sales? Most likely, really ladies should be bringing a whole new line of sponsorship with them that would otherwise be slightly redundant to us so we need reasons to get more interest from the fairer sex. If I worked for a shampoo firm for example I would like nothing more than a lady with excellent hair being seen using my product after a filthy mud race – you can see the advert and narration already if you have any imagination.

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