Last time we raced the ‘steep track’ at Llangollen we made this video…

We are flippin stoked to be racing the infamous ‘steep track’ at Llangollen for this weekend’s British Downhill Series! It’s big, steep, gnarly and it is wild.

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Last time we raced Llangollen was way back in 2011 for the National Downhill Champs – organised by Si Paton and the BDS team. Paul Roberts was on video duty and we have Ellie Maxfield, Wayne Appleby and Brandon Love on the team, Chaz was spannering at that point also. For some reason we had both watched Anchorman the week before the race so thought “f-ck it” (people didn’t say YOLO in 2011) and made a stupid video with Al Bond Emyr Davies. We spent half of Saturday trawling charity shops for stupid shirts and ties for the guys when we should have been shooting and then had to find a way to make a field look like a news studio. I think you’ll agree that we absolutely smashed it… right?

Anyway, this might be one of my favourite Wideopen videos ever, good times in a field in the sunshine! Whammy!