“shit happens!” Mark Scott at the Enduro World Series in Valloire

//Photos by Jacob Gibbins and (riding shot) Matt Wragg

Last weekend was a big, tough race for Mark at the Enduro World Series in Valloire. 

After great results in Chile and Scotland he was was hoping for a hat-trick. Sadly, racing is never that easy and two punctures dropped him way down the ranks and onto the dreaded 3rd page of the results sheet. Race winner Tracey Moseley described Valloire as “the toughest Enduro World Series race to date” and with huge climbs and plenty of flat-out, rough, technical stages she was pretty spot on. Punctures, mechanicals and crashes were pretty much the order of the day and Mark’s experience certainly wasn’t unique!

Despite landing in a disappointing 160th place overall Mark  smashed out some amazing stage results for all but the two where he flatted.  In fact, 32nd for stage 3 and 33rd for the penultimate stage 5 shows he’s definitely got what it takes.

“That was intense, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus! I was keen for another result but shit happens…   I was riding well but every time I got going on those two stages I just got a flat and it ruined my flow. I got a 33rd on stage 5 after passing about 7 people! ” Mark Scott.

Mark’s stage results were as follows:

Stage 1 14:29.526 (43)
Stage 2 24:10.663 (265) puncture
Stage 3 16:28.046 (32)
Stage 4 11:07.789 (43)
Stage 5 13:13.781 (33)
Stage 6 22:56.755 (236) puncture

Mark will now be spending a few weeks out in France racing, riding and filming for Gee Milner’s To the Point series. We’ll also be working on getting his set up fully dialled to avoid any more troublesome punctures!

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And for a bonus treat we’ve got the Vaolloire episode of Trippin – filmed and edited by Mark’s buddy Sam Flanagan!