12 Pros of Christmas : Veronique Sandler.

We’re counting down to Christmas with 12 of our favourite UK pro riders.

Does Manon like sprouts? Does Ratboy love a roast? Does Peaty get presents? Tune in to find out!

Veronique Sandler is our final pro of the year. Keep an eye on this young lady in 2017!

2016 is almost at an end. Was it a good year for you?

2016 has been a good time! I was finally able to qualify at all the World Cup races I took part in, and got the opportunity to ride in some epic places so I can’t complain at all… Good times all round!

With off-season in full effect, have you been relaxing or smashing out the intervals?

I’ve had more chill time than I ever have before this off season, mostly because I had a knee injury I was trying to get rid of, but also I think it’s important to give your body a good rest every now and then. I’ve started smashing the gym again since a few weeks ago though, and I’m loving it!

Favourite ride/race from this season and why?

My favourite race from this season is Fort William World Cup. Even though I crashed in my race, the atmosphere is always so insane that you just end up having a rad time anyway!

Worst race/ride and why?

Worst race.. No doubt about it, it has to be Mont Saint Anne. Biggest disaster of a run I’ve ever had! Had a crash up the top and somehow lost my shoe, then after I sorted all that out I got back into my run and then crashed again knocking myself out! Definitely an off day!

What was the last ride/race where you finished running on fumes?

Mega Avalanche 2014… The struggle was real that day!

3 top tunes of your year?

Fox Boa Leaderboard 2024

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?

I’m looking forward to getting amongst more of the U.K. race scene in 2017… I’ve always loved doing the odd British race, and all the ladies over here are so fun to ride with!

What’s on your Christmas list?

An appointment at the hairdressers… My mane is getting out of hand!

Will you be eating sprouts with your Christmas dinner?

I’ll be keeping the sprouts as far away as possible thanks!

What will your New Year’s Resolution be?

New Years resolution… Do everything I’m doing now but be better at it, haha! Also I’d love to land a backflip to dirt at some stage.

What’s your number one stand out moment from this year?

Stand out moment would have to be riding in Whistler with a sick crew. You can’t really beat that place aye!

Name one rider to keep a keen eye on for 2017.

Hmm, so many good riders… But my money is on Mr. Laurie Greenland for next year.

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