Build the Scene with One More Brew | The Ben Gerrish Interview.

Lakes resident, rider and film-maker Ben Gerrish took it upon himself to organise a creative night in the depths of winter to get folk out and about in the hills.

One More Brew will see the work of 11 different hands and eyes come together to celebrate what makes the mountains, in this case of the Lake District, worth heading out into even in the depths of winter.

Pete chatted where the inspiration for the event came from and what the long term goal is.Ben Gerrish Hidden Media One More Brew Cactus Creative Wideopenmag

Who is Ben Gerrish?

Just a northern lad, who loves riding bikes, drinking brews and wielding cameras.

What’s your background in cycling?

I have been on bikes since I was in nappies, it has always been a pretty simple but compulsive link for me. If it involves bikes, I’m there. I guess i properly cut my teeth riding BMX in the early 2000’s but since my first proper mountain bike about 6 years ago, swiftly followed 6 months later by the Megavalanche I’ve been further and further drawn to big bikes and adventures.

What’s your background in film/stills?

I’ve always had a camera on some level. Something begged or borrowed from friends and parents in the early days. The old student loan came in handy and put me firmly in the game with a VX2100. Since then, I have progressed onto a DSLR set up and shoot an equal amount of stills and video. I’m for the most part self taught, but I’ve been really lucky to work besides some very talented dudes, especially in the early days, who really helped shape me, and point me in the right direction.Ben Gerrish Hidden Media One More Brew Cactus Creative Wideopenmag

What’s your background in events?

I have none! Officially. I guess, I’ve organised mates races, and a few street jams back in the BMX days. Everything I have been involved in has always had the same DIY ethic, just a way to build the scene, or just bring like minded people together.

How did One More Brew come about?

The overwhelming urge, to delay the inevitable cold and wet and just click on the kettle for another brew. Then, we’ll get out riding.

The UK is full to the brim of classic trails, outstanding mountain passes and some of the best creative, media types, in the world! The UK continually surprises us with truly stupendous summers, but sports too, some of the more prolonged and decidedly miserable winters going. Off the back of these undeniable facts, One More Brew was conceived, as a last orders conversation. As I’m sure you’ll agree… Many a good plan does.

Ben Gerrish Hidden Media One More Brew Cactus Creative Wideopenmag

A community of folk who breath bikes, cameras, art and good brews exists and although they’re sometimes only a short distance apart their scenes and riding can be completely different. One More Brew is an open source attempt to build the scene, giving a group of talented creatives an identical brief with a limited time scale to complete their final piece. Photographers, Filmers, Illustrators, Musicians, apply within… an eclectic bunch of people who have a love of bikes in common and the passion to get involved and share the love.

One More Brew is also an attempt to reintroduce the fun, creative and joyful side of the creative process. Although I think we all love our jobs, the open ended briefs intend to provide a welcome, refreshing stance to the usual approach to the bread and butter commercial work. Giving those involved something to strive for and get out on maybe some less than favourable days. After a quick brew, of course!

We are starting with the Winter Edition:

The overwhelming urge, to delay the inevitable cold and wet and just click on the kettle for another brew. Then, we’ll get out riding.

The brief:

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Create something to represent your association with the British winter and Bikes.

Ben Gerrish Hidden Media One More Brew Cactus Creative WideopenmagWhat’s the general theme behind the event?

Bikes, creative people, bikes, brews.

Who’s involved in One More Brew and what do they do?

Myself – In this instance my role as a filmer
Tristan Tinn – Photographer
Katie Edwards – Illustrator
Pete Archer – Filmer
Pete Scullion – Photographer
James Vincent – Photographer
Stephen Vear – Photographer
Stuart Hines – Film and Photography
Craig Robinson – Photographer
Andy Smith – Filmer/Designer
Dave McFarlane – Filmer

Why winter?

The initial plan was to create some winter motivation, but hopefully this is just a starting point, watch this space.

Why the Lakes?

It’s not Lakes specific as such, basically I live here, there is a lot of riding and a lot of local creatives. As One More Brew Mark 1, the idea of just having people I knew in the local vicinity seemed like a good place to start and a manageable format. It’s in no way set in stone, the brief is pretty open.Ben Gerrish Hidden Media One More Brew Cactus Creative Wideopenmag

What’s the end goal behind One More Brew, both short and long term?

Short term – really as I mentioned before to strengthen a growing scene and community. Short and long term, to provide a platform to promote and raise awareness of the awesome creative talent the UK and the mountain bike industry has to offer.

Hopefully it all goes smoothly… you can but hope, right?!

If it’s received well, and everyone has a great time, I’d love to do a summer version too. Future projects would give me the opportunity to contact people far and wide to create a contribution and get involved. Once the first one is out of the way we’ll have a baseline to work from and possibly start coming up with some more specific and interesting briefs.

What constraints have you placed on your creatives?

As few as possible. The brief I tried to make as open to interpretation as possible.The time constraint is a little tight, but that’s really to play to the motivation and pressure to get out and create, they have just over a month to get it done.

Are you getting involved the in creative process yourself or are you herding cats as it were?

I am indeed. I’m sure no one will be surprised to hear I haven’t started yet! But I have a plan…
also; herding cats! Yes!

Do you have a date and location for the event?

Yes, Saturday 11th February at the Cactus Creative Factory in Kendal.

Only 40 tickets are available for One More Brew‘s inaugural event, you can get yours by emailing Ben directly, here.

You can keep up with all the various social media happenings on Facebook and Instagram and we will see you at the event!