Rachel Atherton wins Save of the Century

Holy smoke Rachel Atherton!

Did you see the World Cup at the weekend?

In amongst all the awesomeness of World Cup racing was Rachel Atherton bull riding her way down the trail.

Whilst Rachel didn’t quite win the race (Tahnee took the win) she did manage to score the (un)official Save of the Century award for holding on to the gnarliest near crash we’ve ever seen.

It’s not a real award. But if it was it would probably be a statue of Rachel Atherton riding a bull.

Rach dropped into the rocky chute, hit a loose rock and got “a swop on”.

“I can NOT crash here its gunna hurt too bad!!

But I couldn’t believe I was still on the bike, then hearing this rad crowd cheering when I was still on was so frickin rad!!” Rach Atherton.

You can see the almost crash first person thanks to Rach’s GoPro:

Thanks for the video Global Mountain Bike Network.


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