Cwm Carn reopens for midweek uplifts (and has some big plans)

Great news – Cwmdown will now offer midweek uplifts at Cwm Carn.

The Cwmdown mountain bike uplift service will now offer riders uplifts during the week, as well as at weekends.

Whilst the service won’t run every day, Cwmdown have made several dates across the next few months available for bookings. You can check available days here and, Cwmdown have told us, they’re happy to open on extra days if riders get in touch and can bring a group.

A day off work not enough to persuade you? You might also like that midweek uplifts are priced at £29.50, which is cheaper than weekend uplifts.

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More good news

There are also plans afoot to reinstate the old Dragon Track, an old school favourite that runs on the same hill as the Y Mynydd trail. Alongside, the main Y Mynydd trail will also get a spruce up in the near future to breath a bit of life back into the venue.

Darrell told us that he’s on a bit of a push to help show riders that Cwm Carn is still a great place to ride and that their four tracks – including the 250m vertical descent black DH trail – are worth a visit.

We’re looking forward to a trip over to see how it’s all looking.

You can visit Cwmdown online here and you can check our list of great places for mountain bike uplifts here.