Introducing the new DMR Deathgrip race edition

One particular nugget of Eurobike gold was the new DMR Deathgrip ‘Sunday Best’ Race Edition, which appeared for the first time at the show.

The DMR Deathgrip was designed by DMR bikes in collab with Brendan Fairclough. You can read all about it here in our interview – the short version though, is that they took the best bits of their favourite grips to create something for Bren to race at World Cups.

It’s a slightly acquired taste but it’s a grip a lot of riders we know love. Rich picked the Deathgrip as his grip of choice for the Mega Avalanche on his Marin Wolf Ridge and loved it in the proper, big, gnarly mountains.

The Deathgrip now has two new updates. First of all, there’s now a flangeless version. That means, there’s the option to get the Deathgrip without the big rubber cuff you’ll know and love. Some people prefer no flange, and now they’ve got the choice. As one Wideopen reader said on Facebook, “No flange, no fun!”.

The ‘Race Edition’ is brand new and is designed to be your ‘Sunday Best’ grip. It comes with a super soft compound which is designed to wear out a bit quicker than the classic Deathgrip but to offer more comfort, more grip and a bit more bump absorption.

The softer compound grip has a nice soft feel to it and a comfortable, subtle ‘twist’ that feels really nice in the hand and feels like it’ll offer a bit more to dig your hand into when you’re deathgripping your local gnar trail.

Interestingly though … DMR designer Olly Wilkins reckons that they got the compound a bit wrong and despite designing the grip to wear out more quickly found it to actually last as long as the classic Deathgrip. We’re looking forward to proving him right and we can see the new version being super popular.

The new DMR Deathgrip versions aren’t available on sale yet … but you can buy the classic version with 30% off from £11.99 on Chain Reaction Cycles.

You can read more about DMR Bikes in our interview here … and over on their website here.