Luke Cryer Shreds Morzine on His Mega 275.

UK 4X pinner Luke Cryer took his Mega 275 to Mozine and Chatel this summer to make the bike and berms pay, but the trail bit back.

Summer might well be long gone, but there’s time to plan summer 2018 adventures! Get some inspiration with Luke Cryer laying waste to the French Alps!

It’s July, its the final days of that awesome holiday with your mates you’ve been waiting for all year. Shredding some of the finest alpine trails France has to offer. Then there is that weird sick feeling you get in your stomach, not the Mutzig, but knowing you’re going back to normality, back to the day job.

Does it have to be that way, what if it was possible to give that up and stay that little bit longer?

Stretch those euros, meet good riders, couch surf and enjoy the amazing hospitality that the people and trails of Morzine have to offer. Reality can wait, welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Luke Cryer, two time 4x World Championship medallist, seeker of fun and a man with more energy than a Red Bull fuelled Jack Russel.

Huge thanks to Bike Morzine for housing Luke!

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