Bike Park Wales Just Announced 7 New Trails

Great news today as Bike Park Wales announces 7 new trails, with 4 opening on June 1st.

This year is Bike Park Wales’ 5th birthday and to celebrate they’re opening 7 new trails, with 4 opening this week and 3 in the near future. That’ll take the total to an amazing 40 trails for your shredding pleasure.

The new trails are a mix of difficulties with three blues, three reds and a black that BPW are calling their “toughest trail to date”.

The new trails are called Fforest Bump, Roller Disco, Off-Grid, AC-DC, Snakebite, Watts Occuring and Black Adder. 

Blend it up

The Bike Park Wales team have also introduced a new trail grading called “BPW Blend”. Blend means that trails will be a mix of natural, unsurfaced stuff and man-made, surfaced stuff. We’ve ridden the new trails and the approach works really well. One minute you’ll be sending jumps and the next you’ll be clattering roots – it’s great fun.

Blue Tech

Another new addition are the “Blue Tech” trails. Blue Tech means unsurfaced, natural riding without the gnarly, scary features and a way for less experienced riders to step up their game. They’re flowy and fun for the dab hands and newbies alike.

Our take on the new trails

Bike Park Wales were kind enough to give us an advanced preview of the trails (video to follow!) and we love ’em.

Here’s what Ben thought of each of them:

 Fforest Bump

Blue tech. Does what it says on the tin, carving through the trees with a more natural surface that should mature nicely for a more technical experience than the average, surfaced blue. This is going to be great for honing your skills on a wet day.

Roller Disco

Blue Flow. This is like the most fun, downhill pumptrack you can imagine. Packed full of tight berms, rollers and cheeky opportunities to double and manual sections.

Don’t let the blue grade fool you though as this trail will be a real challenge to ride
smoothly and at speed. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face whether you are a newbie or a pro.

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Blue Tech. Off Grid. We only got to ride a few turns on this due to work in progress but it should be a banger if it is anything like Fforest Bump.


Red Blend. Dropping in from the top of the hill, it is also a blended blend trail, carving round some big old berms and rollers and over some decent sized, but rollable jumps.

It then drops into the woods where the style changes and the roots come out to play. Look out for some split line choices and cheeky booters off of tree stumps.

This is a great track to work on your jumps.


Red Tech. This was a work in progress so we didn’t get to ride it, but is designed to be a real challenge for riders wanting to step up to hitting the Black runs at the Park.

It runs down next to Dai Hard in the middle section of the hill.

Watts Occuring

Red Blend. This blended trail tags on from the end of AC/DC and continues in the same style with a wooded section of natural terrain leading into a long step down and tricky series of berms and jumps.

This felt harder than AC/DC and is a stepping stone towards riding the black trails at the park. Awesome for working on corner speed and hip jumps.

Black Adder

Black. This is a blended trail, starting off with some pretty sendy gaps, and
step downs before plunging into the dark woods for rock slabs, roots and even a moto-
whoop section that nearly killed me on my first run!

This will be the Park’s hardest black trail when it is completed. Expert riders only!

You can learn more over on the Bike Park Wales website.