Do You Want Ben Cathro to Handle the Red Bull World Cup Course Previews?

Euan Rossi of #4XWednesdays has launched a petition for #CathroVision’s own Ben Cathro to become the man to step into Claudio Caluori’s shoes.

After a hefty crash last year, Claudio Caluori stepped back from his infamous course previews with Trek Factory Racing veteran Gee Atherton stepping up to get the official course previews done.

Mr #4XWednesdays himself, Euan Rossi, reckons that Ben Cathro is the man for the job and has started a petition to try and make it happen. Ben Cathro is a top 10 World Cup racer, coach and Mr #CathroVision, and is well qualified for the job.

You can check out the petition here

Here’s Euan Rossi’s chat on why he decided to start the petition:

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Thanks for supporting this idea.

I would firstly like to say that I greatly miss Claudio’s course previews. They were a highlight of the season and I always made sure to watch them as soon as they were posted. He created a brilliant way of engaging new viewers and bringing them into our sport for which we are all thankful.

I started this petition unaware that Gee was doing narrated previews. I watch his helmet cams to get an idea what it’s like to approach WC tracks at that kind of pace, and thought that Red Bull were sharing his practice footage. I have since been watching Gee’s narrated previews and he does a fantastic job. He’s one of very few that could smash a full pace run of MSA and have any breath left to tell you what is going on, so big respect.

I (and many others as it seems) reckon Red Bull have much to gain from involving Ben in this process. The best in the world are openly asking him about lines, he has an unrivalled way with words and his screen presence makes you feel welcome even if you’ve never ridden a bike before. Couple this with proven blistering pace and there’s no one better for the job. #cathroforcoursepreview