Hardtails Rule

Winter Shredding with Nikki Whiles and Ajay Jones

Video by Callum Philpott
Photos by Tom Cooper
Made possible by Marin Bikes

You know Nikki Whiles and Ajay Jones right..?

Nikki and Ajay are two shredders from South Wales that ride for Marin Bikes and absolutely tear that ass off anything two-wheeled that they can lay their hands on. They’ve known each other since they were going bar to bar in juvenile category and they’re still out riding together week-in and week-out.

For the winter, Marin hooked Nikki and Ajay up with Marin San Quentin hardtails. The San Quentin is a fun, low, slack and aggro hardtail that was designed by Matt Jones (read the story about that here on Wideopen).

It’s super fun to ride and perfect for the winter as it’ll just run and run without any complicated maintenance. It’s great as a second bike alongside your full suss or, if you’re tight on budget, would be a great all-rounder to do everything.

We’ve been trying to make a project happen with Marin and the San Quentin for ages. Rather than the usual bike test or banner ads we told them we wanted to do a video with Nikki and Ajay at home in wet, Welsh Wales. They loved the idea so we got them together and challenged them to go have as much fun in a single day as they could on their SQ’s. Enjoy!

Sam Hill Nukeproof Enduro Pedaltea

You can learn more about the Marin San Quentin over on the Marin Bikes website here.