Jacob Martin’s top photos from 2018.

A photographer takes thousands of images in a year… and we’ve asked a few of our regular photographers to pick their top photos from 2018.

Next up is Jacob Martin. Jacob is the man behind Mid Nowhere Productions, an up and coming videographer and photographer based in the Preseli Hills in Mid Wales.

Here’s Jacob Martin’s top photos of 2018:

George Morgan nervously pushing back up for another run while thinking about the jump he is about to hit.

On one of the best trails I’ve ever ridden. William Priest flying through the summer greenery.

Flying through the trees in the sun. William Priest enjoying the loam factory that is the Quantocks woods in summer.

Lovely autumn leaves on the ground, bike in the sky. Ffion Brutnell putting some wind between the dirt and her wheels.

Maya Atkinson does a bit of urban DH through a castle.

Hugo Van-Drossen diving into the woods to escape the attention of the warm summer sun.

Looking back at how much worse it could have gone after going straight over the bars on a massive jump. Rider: George Morgan.

Stans Flow EX3Stans flow EX3

Enjoying a lovely evening up in the Quantock Hills. Rider Tom Shopland.

Ffion Brutnell hitting turns so fast the camera can’t keep up.

Dust? In Wales? The best fun that there is, going downhill with your mates. Rider William Priest.

Getting some speed up on the big bike in the forest. Rider George Morgan.

Biking is better with your mates. Riders William Priest and the Trail Unknown guys.

Full speed down the rocks. Rider Ffion Brutnell.

No mud just dust back in the summer. Riders William Priest and the Trail Unknown guys.

Discussing the great day of riding while watching the sun go down. Riders William Priest and the Trail Unknown guys.

You can keep with Jacob’s adventures on his Instagram feed.

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